Another reason not to ask your man to share!

Here’s the latest from the Daily Mail. It’s a tabloid in the UK which implies it’s a little towards the screaming headlines kind of journalism. I enjoy it because it often has news I’m interested in–stuff about personal lives, relationships, not just politics, economics, and wars.

One of our 6 Don’ts to Create a Relationship that’s Easy and Fun is Don’t Share Your Feelings. This refers to women’s tendancies to require that men listen to them talk about all the details of their emotion. Our point of view is that this is unkind, since it is not men’s nature to share feelings in that way. A woman who does this is asking her man to be a woman when listening to her, then turn around and be a stallion in the bedroom. How well can that work?

Here’s more research that shows how this works. “The ability to read other people’s emotions is reduced by testosterone, a study suggests.” Researchers boosted women’s testosterone by putting drops on her tongue, then showed them pictures of a person’s eyes and asked them to pick the term that best described their expression. Two days later, the same experiment was repeated, using testosterone free drops. Researchers found that boosting testosterone significantly lowered the women’s ability to read emotions.

The conclusion? “Small hormonal effects can have far-reaching effects on empathy.”

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