Are others’ emotions still controlling you?

I woke up to a couple of emails dumping judgment and disapproval on me this morning.  I had done something that I perceived as clear and helpful to others, and they had a problem with it as they perceived it would affect their incomes.

Wow!  I’m doing a teleclass on emotional blackmail, and still this got me in the pit of my stomach. Wow!  I know it’s their upset–but there is still this place in me that feels the upset as my own.  These are not people I’m close to, so it’s not really emotional blackmail, but it’s its close cousin, still perceiving someone else’s upset as something I have to do something about it.

I know this is their upset, and still there’s the feeling in the pit of my stomach of yucky black ugly upset because of their unhappiness with me.  How does it get even better than this?

How does it get even better than that?  I will be getting some assistance with this myself and I will let you know what transpires.

About Kacie Crisp

Dr. Kacie Crisp has been involved in facilitating others’ lives and bodies for her entire working life. As a therapist with emotionally disturbed children, chiropractor in the US and Findhorn spiritual community, and now as a licensed facilitator of Access Consciousness, her great joy is to watch clients expand their lives.

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