The Little Black Book on Relationships

The Little Black Book on Relationships


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A fresh approach to creating a relationship that can really last, while also being easy and fun. Written by and about a couple that’s done it, this book includes information and techniques that are not available anywhere else This is not your typical marriage advice handbook–this book has tools that really work! Some of the topics included are: How flirting can save your marriage; how sharing can ruin your marriage; how to know in advance if he or she will be good in bed, What to do while waiting for Prince Charming or Ms. Right; creating a romance that can last forever in 10 second increments; Why you DON’T want your romance to resemble a movie; the emotions that will ruin your marriage; the difference between love and abuse.

Satisfied Readers: 

Thank you so much for the clarity you gifted me about where I was doing superiority, proving myself and where I was happily choosing to function in the insanity of the either or universe! Wow crazy!! Thank you for helping choose the freedom of choosing awareness…

Erin, Korea

This book is a practical approach to doing relationships that work for both people. The 6 Dos and 6 Don’ts make it easy to follow and make a whole bunch of sense for creating more ease in your relationships. How does it get any better than this? A big key is to get out of judgement and criticism of the other person (and of course yourself). It is definitely worth the read.

David Miller

Thank you for giving me tools I can use and pass onto others too.

Bernice, Australia

I have found myself far more aware of how I am reacting to situations as they arise! How does it can any better? I have used the tools and the clearings which are brilliant!

Jennie, England