“Nah, Mom, I don’t want a girlfriend!”

When my son was very little, he was so gentle and sensitive that I wondered if he would turn out to be gay. I wouldn’t have had a point of view about it, since my basic approach to parenting was live from a curiosity of who this amazing being who’d landed in our live would […]

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Did You Miss It??

The NEW part 1 of 6 Do’s and 6 Don’ts To Create A Relationship That’s Fun and Easy teleclass is available. We actually had so much fun and covered so many topics, that we created Part 2 (see the Post below). Are your relationships all that you’d like them to be? BUY NOW For Only $297

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Read my post on Bravo.tv blog!

Hey, I just got published on a bravo.tv blog.  Check it out!  Here's the link: http://www.bravotv.com/blogs/help-have-a-jealous-friend-who-wants-everything-you-have

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Do you like men?

I really like men. It may seem obvious, but it's been estimated that perhaps 90% of women don't actually like men, and 90% of men don't actually like women. Does this explain why relationships can be so difficult? Don't believe me? Try this: say "truth!" to yourself, and then ask, "Do I really like men/women […]

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An Idiot in Love Can Sell 4 Million Books!

I just finished reading The White Masai by Corinne Hofmann.  The cover touts it as a 4 million copy bestseller. It's an engaging story of a woman who falls in love with, marries, and has a child with a traditionally raised Masai warrior.   She's clearly an intelligent woman, at age 27 already enough of a […]

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Secrets of relationships–what did you know that you pretended not to?

What do you know that you’re pretending not to know? As I sit here overlooking the garden of the rental flat here in Provence, everything looks copacetic. The 90 degree+ heat of the day has not set in, nor more importantly, begun to bake my (practically) windowless cement box that was advertised as a quiet […]

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Sharing my feelings at the Taj Hotel Mumbai

The Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai is worth travelling to see. As I wrote on Facebook the first time I came here, if there’s no chance of your marrying Harry, then this may be your best chance to be treated like royalty. It’s sumptuous, gorgeous, and incredibly staffed with people who provide excellent service, sometimes […]

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The dirtiest secret in most relationships!

Where have you been? you might be asking, as I haven’t been able to bring myself to blog lately. It’s on account of this, the dirtiest, deepest, darkest secret in most relationships on the planet. Here’s how I discovered it. I was in Bangalore, India, not so long ago, presenting two workshops, one on money […]

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