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Do you like men?

I really like men. It may seem obvious, but it's been estimated that perhaps 90% of women don't actually like men, and 90% of men don't actually like women. Does this explain why relationships can be so difficult? Don't believe me? Try this: say "truth!" to yourself, and then ask, "Do I really like men/women […]

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Secrets of relationships–what did you know that you pretended not to?

What do you know that you’re pretending not to know? As I sit here overlooking the garden of the rental flat here in Provence, everything looks copacetic. The 90 degree+ heat of the day has not set in, nor more importantly, begun to bake my (practically) windowless cement box that was advertised as a quiet […]

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Katie Holmes SHOULD divorce Tom Cruise!

The media’s all abuzz about Katie Holmes’s filing for divorce from Tom Cruise to avoid forcing her 6 year old daughter to become a scientologist.  (That’s only what I’ve heard–fortunately or unfortunately I don’t know the people involved personally.)   I do know that scientology is a cult.  It’s not about empowering anybody, it’s about […]

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What role does honesty play in relationships?

Most people insist on honesty from others, but lie 24/7 to themselves. How well is that working?  How well is communication between partners doing?  What would happen if we flipped the ratios, and were more honest with ourselves and less determined to be honest at any cost with our partners?   Before you get up in […]

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Empowering you to make your relationships better–how does it get even better?

Is there anything more heartwarming than hearing that you’ve made a difference in people’s lives? Isn’t that what we all long to do?  I’d just like to change the face of relationships on the planet–I’m not aiming for much!   Recently when I was in Stockholm a reader told me how much the book had […]

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A new approach to relationship frustrations!

  An interesting point of view–but will it create what you would really like?  Still, laughter and humor clears more than tears so if this sums up your point of view you could ask yourself a few questions: Is this relationship working for me? Do I really wish to be in a relationship anyway? What […]

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