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Sharing my feelings at the Taj Hotel Mumbai

The Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai is worth travelling to see. As I wrote on Facebook the first time I came here, if there’s no chance of your marrying Harry, then this may be your best chance to be treated like royalty. It’s sumptuous, gorgeous, and incredibly staffed with people who provide excellent service, sometimes […]

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How are you blocking what gifts you can receive?

As I walked down London’s Brompton Road, across from the shopping Mecca of Harrod’s, I noticed a young family shuffling along in front of me. Actually it was their young daughter, age 3 or 4, who was doing the shuffling. Her legs, especially the right one, were rotated far enough inwards that she was practically […]

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Are you insisting your partner see things YOUR WAY?

A humorous look at a good way to ruin a relationship. Do you resemble this remark?  How often do we insist that our way of seeing things is THE ONLY way? What if there were many ways, all equally valid, and none of them wrong?  How would adopting that point of view change your relationships, […]

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An interesting perspective on judgment

Judgment NEVER contributes anything of any value to our relationships.  Here’s a funny way of looking at our limited ability to have allowance for others’ points of view. An elephant asked a camel, “Why are your breasts on your back?” ‘Well,’ said the camel, ‘I think that’s an entirely inappropriate question from somebody whose dick […]

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What should Katie Holmes have known BEFORE she married Tom Cruise?

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have not been seen in public together in a month, and she recently moved to New York while he continues to live in LA. Is anyone surprised this marriage is ending?  Here’s a tool:  when you notice a relationship going sour, you can create more awareness for yourself by asking […]

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Is Harry Potter’s Girlfriend Nuts?

Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, has a girlfriend who’s demanding that he change. How smart is this? Is she dooming her relationship without knowing it? Are you making the same mistake?

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