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Secrets of relationships–what did you know that you pretended not to?

What do you know that you’re pretending not to know? As I sit here overlooking the garden of the rental flat here in Provence, everything looks copacetic. The 90 degree+ heat of the day has not set in, nor more importantly, begun to bake my (practically) windowless cement box that was advertised as a quiet […]

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Are you looking for a happy ending?

I love happy endings! I love it when the guy gets the girl, and when the couple that was just meant to be together ends up that way. Working with people on issues around relationships, I know it so often doesn’t happen that way. But boy, do I love it when it does! Ironically, this […]

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How are you blocking what gifts you can receive?

As I walked down London’s Brompton Road, across from the shopping Mecca of Harrod’s, I noticed a young family shuffling along in front of me. Actually it was their young daughter, age 3 or 4, who was doing the shuffling. Her legs, especially the right one, were rotated far enough inwards that she was practically […]

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Do You Care Too Much?

What happens for you when someone you care about WILL NOT DO what YOU KNOW is BEST FOR THEM? Hint:  Remind yourself that yes, there is such a thing as CARING TOO MUCH! Otherwise known as, you’re being a  superior asshole. How do I know?  I was recently the “victim” (in quotes cause I don’t really believe in victims) […]

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Katie Holmes SHOULD divorce Tom Cruise!

The media’s all abuzz about Katie Holmes’s filing for divorce from Tom Cruise to avoid forcing her 6 year old daughter to become a scientologist.  (That’s only what I’ve heard–fortunately or unfortunately I don’t know the people involved personally.)   I do know that scientology is a cult.  It’s not about empowering anybody, it’s about […]

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Are you insisting your partner see things YOUR WAY?

A humorous look at a good way to ruin a relationship. Do you resemble this remark?  How often do we insist that our way of seeing things is THE ONLY way? What if there were many ways, all equally valid, and none of them wrong?  How would adopting that point of view change your relationships, […]

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