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Do you like men?

I really like men. It may seem obvious, but it's been estimated that perhaps 90% of women don't actually like men, and 90% of men don't actually like women. Does this explain why relationships can be so difficult? Don't believe me? Try this: say "truth!" to yourself, and then ask, "Do I really like men/women […]

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Are you insisting your partner see things YOUR WAY?

A humorous look at a good way to ruin a relationship. Do you resemble this remark?  How often do we insist that our way of seeing things is THE ONLY way? What if there were many ways, all equally valid, and none of them wrong?  How would adopting that point of view change your relationships, […]

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What should Katie Holmes have known BEFORE she married Tom Cruise?

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have not been seen in public together in a month, and she recently moved to New York while he continues to live in LA. Is anyone surprised this marriage is ending?  Here’s a tool:  when you notice a relationship going sour, you can create more awareness for yourself by asking […]

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Is Harry Potter’s Girlfriend Nuts?

Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, has a girlfriend who’s demanding that he change. How smart is this? Is she dooming her relationship without knowing it? Are you making the same mistake?

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When is intense attraction NOT in your best interest?

Check out this link:  It’s the unique and indescribable group Pink Martini playing Bolero. My husband David and I went to this concert, and we were lucky enough to get seats in the fourth row.  It was quite an intimate and enlightening experience.  We could read the tattoo on the back of the beautiful singer, […]

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What is romance anyway and where can you find some?

What is romance really? Are you looking for romance that will end your relationship? A new way to look at romance that can keep your relationship going.

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