How NOT to be in relationship

My husband David and I recently went to see Midnight in Paris. As usual the movie showed us something about the state of relationships on the planet.

The scenes of Paris were gorgeous. The relationships, both of the fiance’s parents and the young couple themselves, were heinous. The mother-in-law to be could only be described as a bitch. Everything she had to say was superior, judgmental, mean, small. When she first appeared in the movie, I wasn’t sure I could spend two hours in her on-screen company.

Her daughter was on her way to becoming an imitation of her. Even though she was planning her wedding and supposedly “in love” with her fiance, many of her comments about him were negative, disparaging, and dishonoring of him. She took the position so many women assume, that they are better experts on how men should behave than the men themselves. Why would any man in his right mind marry a woman with this point of view?

She ridiculed his choices, didn’t give him credit for making appropriate choices, and argued with him rather consistently. These are all danger signs. One of our 6 Don’ts for relationships is Don’t Criticize, Argue, or Tell Them They’re Wrong. She did all three of these constantly. Why would anyone in a relationship where this is happening have any reason to think it would do anything but get worse as the relationship progressed? If you’re in a relationship like this–let the person know the dump is closed. If they can’t close their mouth, leave them, or suffer ever-escalating abuse for the rest of your life. It’s your choice!

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