Julia Child and her husband Paul demonstrate a good relationship

If you’re looking for a relationship, or to make the one you have better, then finding inspiration around you can be helpful.

One such inspiration is the relationship of Julia Child, the famous American teacher of classical French cuisine, and her husband Paul Child.  You can see it on the big screen (well, nowadays your TV) in the movie Julie, Julia.  There’s even more juicy stuff in Julia’s book which I just read, My Life in France.

Why do I say their relationship was a good one?  They cared about each other, but unlike so many people, they cared about each other for who they actually were, not who they wished the other would become.  Julia arrived in France not knowing what she wanted to do when she grew up (at 35) and without speaking a word of French.  Paul was in total allowance and support of her finding out what she wanted to do, and doing that massive project known as Mastering the Art of French Cooking when it took over their kitchen and their lives.

She was willing to receive from him.  He was fluent in French and a wine connoisseur.  She was happy to benefit from his knowledge and learn from him, and enjoy what his talents made possible, without feeling that any of these gifts of his diminished her in any way.

Incidentally, if you’ve seen the movie, you will know there were TWO relationships in it.  The second was the Julie, whose last name I forgot, the women who cooked Julia’s recipes and wrote the blog that became famous.  Julie’s husband demonstrated a lot of allowance for her in her undertaking as well, and I would have mentioned theirs as a good relationship also.  Then I read a review of her next book, called Cleaving (hint!).  In it she pursues the art of butchering but she also has an in his face affair with someone else and somehow I’d be amazed if that couple managed to survive.  Seems to me she threw a good man away, but people choose what they choose because they can.


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Dr. Kacie Crisp has been involved in facilitating others’ lives and bodies for her entire working life. As a therapist with emotionally disturbed children, chiropractor in the US and Findhorn spiritual community, and now as a licensed facilitator of Access Consciousness, her great joy is to watch clients expand their lives.

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