Testimonials for Dr. Kacie Crisp and David Caddy

Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness speaks to Bonnie Coleen on ‘Seeing Beyond’ and speaks about Dr Kacie and David’s phenomenal relationship workshops. Listen to that here:

I am really loving the relationship calls! It is since listening to your relationship calls that life has taken off in an even more phenomenal way!

Dr. Crisp’s classes are amazing and fun. She asked some questions that made an amazing positive change for me. Her classes would be very beneficial to anyone whether their business is a great success or whether they’re in default on student loans. Her classes are fun AND life-changing.

KeAloha Couch

Wow! Thank you! Thank you!

That was amazing, I am so grateful to you both for everything facilitated on that amazing call^_^

I asked so many questions that it was almost like a private session, wow, how did I get so lucky?
Thank you so much for the clarity you gifted me about where I was doing superiority, proving myself and where I was happily choosing to function in the insanity of the either or universe! Wow crazy!! Thank you for helping choose the freedom of choosing awareness…

Cheers, and cant wait to hear you both on the next call, and please may I have info about the ’1 for you’ class, and also hoorah, looking forward to meeting you in person in Mooloolaba (Australia) in December. I am super dooper excited… What are the endless possibilities? Booyah!

Erin, Korea

I have been listening to the 6 Dos and 6 donts Teleclass and I am writing to tell you how much gratitude I have for the insights I have received.I am really loving the relationship calls! It is since listening to your relationship calls that life has taken off in an even more phenomenal way! One of the main insights was re the gratitude list – I am separated from my husband (married 40 years this year, living separately for the past few), and when this exercise was suggested as homework, I made a mental list of “good” things about my husband. Your comments in the Teleclass caused me to realise that I could also be grateful for what I (previously) considered were upsetting or hurtful experiences. This was such an awakening! I am now grateful that a recent comment of his (which at first seemed a judgement of me) was really just his interesting point of view (which isn’t really right or wrong). This awareness helped me make a difference choice for myself! I work for myself (cranio-sacral therapist – and run Bars on clients!) – and have shared this insight with several clients last week, with really good results. Thank you for giving me tools I can use and pass onto others too.

Access has added so much to my life that I delight in passing it on!

Bernice, Australia

Firstly thank you so much for last week’s call. I have found myself far more aware of how I am reacting to situations as they arise! How does it can any better? I have used the tools and the clearings which are brilliant! Thank you again for all your clarity and perceptions. I much appreciate them.

By the by I have made a list of 15 or so ‘wonderful’ things about me that David mentioned on the previous call!

Jennie, England