Valentine’s Day alone–what if that were a good thing?

Whatever could I mean?

First of all, since this is a relationship site I have to comment on Valentine’s Day, right? It’s the most significant and romantic day of the year!

And therein lies the catch! How much do you judge or blame yourself because you don’t have the relationship everyone is supposed to have? Or maybe you have one but it’s not your soulmate so you’re still wondering what’s wrong with you.

A friend asked me if we celebrated. I did recall that last year we went out on that night, only to find that restaurants doubled their prices and added a few balloons in honor of the occasion. We checked several of them out, and decided we could eat out twice on any other night of the year! So much for the significance of Valentine’s Day in our house!

Now significance is when you make anything more important or greater than you–when you make anything, even the date of February 14, anything other than interesting point of view. That significance is a judgment, by the way. That matters because what we judge we cannot change–so if you’d like to change your relationship status in anyway, you will only be able to do so by stopping judging it.

So everything that makes February 14, Valentine’s Day, anything other than just another day, would you please destroy and uncreate that totally? Thank you!

For more on the stats of this, check out this blog (not mine):

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