What do men want women to know about them?

One of my facebook friends asked this question recently, and a friend of mine posted this answer.  He is such a wonderful sweet loving man and I love his answer.  So I’m sharing it with you.

‎1. That we care about our women enormously
2. That not all of us are assholes
3. That when sex is continually refused, we’ll look elsewhere
4. That sex is not the only thing on our minds
5. That we adore our kids just as much as you
6. That we’re grateful for the care & nurturing that our women provide
7. It takes two to tango

Thank you Andrew Rigg of Canberra, Australia!

I found the question quite interesting, as it seems to me so many women seem to believe THEY know best what a man should be.  If this is a question you have wondered for yourself, have you truly been in the question, or have you been trying to figure out what a man should be so you could make him be it?  Relationship Don’t #1 is Don’t try to control your partner.

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And I’d love to hear your comments!

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